Blurred Links- Further news and thoughts

So remember, all that fun we had last month talking about Blurred Lines? Well, the internet is still going. Blurred Lines is the gift that keeps on giving (…or possibly an STD, you just can’t get rid of it completely).

In our Secret Sassafrakas Headquarters, we’ve been noodling around about how we feel about the song/video and sending related links back and forth. Is it sexy? Sexist? Super gross? Kind of a good time? The Internet is having this same multifaceted conversation, and it brings up a LOT of interesting angles.

This is by no means meant to be a comprehensive list, but Kate and I wanted to round up a number of articles/blog posts and video responses.

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Blurred Lines: I just can’t even

Well, let’s just dive in. Have you heard this song, Blurred Lines? It’s being called “the song of the summer.” Have you seen the video? There are two versions. One features topless models only wearing flesh toned thongs. The other version features the same models wearing underwear and clear plastic. Here is the edited, slightly suitable for work version.

I’m not going to link to the explicit version. You can go find it on VEVO (it’s been banned from YouTube) if you want to see it.  I draw the line at having naked breasts on this blog. For now. Continue reading