Blurred Links- Further news and thoughts

So remember, all that fun we had last month talking about Blurred Lines? Well, the internet is still going. Blurred Lines is the gift that keeps on giving (…or possibly an STD, you just can’t get rid of it completely).

In our Secret Sassafrakas Headquarters, we’ve been noodling around about how we feel about the song/video and sending related links back and forth. Is it sexy? Sexist? Super gross? Kind of a good time? The Internet is having this same multifaceted conversation, and it brings up a LOT of interesting angles.

This is by no means meant to be a comprehensive list, but Kate and I wanted to round up a number of articles/blog posts and video responses.

So earlier this month the song of the summer was doing it’s merry ear worm thing, (so freaking catchy) and conversation about the video had mostly died down. Then the VMAs happened, and so did Miley Cyrus.  And basically no one was happy with Miley’s performance, but everyone has a different reason.

The Moms were unhappy: Dear Daughter, Let Miley Cyrus Be a Lesson to You.

The Feminists were unhappy with the moms: A Sexologist’s Two Cents on the 2013 MTV VMAs.

The Feminists got in trouble for not talking more about how Miley’s performance was racist: Solidarity is for Miley Cyrus: The Racial Implications of Her VMA Performance. More on that topic can be found here: What Miley Cyrus Did Was Disgusting – But Not for the Reasons You Think.

FINALLY people started saying, umm hey why is Robin Thicke getting a free pass while Miley catches hell: The Blurred Lines of Real Manhood (Robin Thicke, I’m Looking In Your Direction)

Video Spoofs:

First, there was the gender-swapped version (we mentioned it at more length in our previous article), which in addition to being great in it’s own right made for a fun way to start discussion about the issues with the original song: Sexy Boys Parody by Mod Carousol

Then some law school students turned in to a spoof, with new lyrics and everything: Defined Lines

Then everyone and their dog made a spoof, and it’s hard to stay on top of all of them. There are bound to be some pretty funny/interesting ones, though!

Honestly, I fall in the camp that wonders how Robin Thicke is getting away with his role in this, while Miley Cyrus gets called all kinds of charming names. I don’t think she is blameless (and I do think her performance is SUPER racist) but she is also 20 years old and has been in the spotlight most of her life.  I think it’s super interesting (and kind of horrifying) to watch all the former Disney Channel teen ingenues struggle with establishing more mature adult images. And get crazy, crazy flack for wanting to be seen as women instead of little girls, even if someone like Miley is making this push in misguided ways.

So, we will see where this all goes from here. Has Blurred Lines run through it’s 15 minutes of fame (what happens to the Song of the Summer when summer is over?) or will there be some new hilarious/horrific continuation of this saga? We shall see.

What do you think about all of this- a big fuss over nothing? Do you have a favorite article or video spoof we didn’t link? Is it the best song you’ve ever heard? Are you wishing that we would just let it die so you can get it out of your head (you know you want it)?  Let us know in the comments!


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