Five ‘L’s: Why We Use ‘Llllladies’

When discussing female human beings in the English language, one has several options. There are the standard terms: women, girls, ladies, young ladies. Then slang: chicks, birds, bitches, and some unsavory terms that don’t bear listing. And of course poetic phrasing like “the fairer sex.” I’m sure you could come up with many more.

For the purposes of this blog we needed an ‘official’ term–something that would include both women and girls without being offensive. “Bitches” can be funny sometimes, but in Sassafrakas’s inaugural post, Charlotte discussed the connotations of the word, both fun and hurtful, so we wanted to err on the side of caution. “Ladies” would be inclusive and inoffensive, certainly, but it’s sort of weird and boring and has some obnoxious cultural associations.

But what if we added extra Ls? Could it really be that simple?

I must confess that I find the use of “lllllllllladies” (the more Ls the better, to a point) hysterical every time I hear it. A notable use of the device is in pretty much Rifftrax film commentary ever, my favorite of which is for the first Twilight film. Clearly I’m not alone:

LlllladiesI know, I know, the premise behind the humor is that a man is cheesily hitting on a woman, but I think part of the fun of it is that it’s meant to call men out on being ridiculous in their attempts to court women. Plus it just sounds funny when used at the end of almost any sentence. Especially with the implied question mark at the end, and perhaps a raised eyebrow. Maybe it’s just a more streamlined “that’s what she said” at its core, but it’s been years since people started saying “llllladies” and I’m still laughing.

So we hope you’re all right with our choice, considering our options, and that now you won’t be confused by our use of it.

Oh and also we use five Ls because it looks nice and I said so.

Maddo spent far too much time thinking about this.

*raised eyebrow*



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