For Fathers and All Men Who Raise and Guide Children

Father’s Day, like many holidays, is wonderful for some people and very difficult and often painful for others. Sure, we all have biological fathers, but many of us have never known our fathers or not been given the guidance and affection we deserve from them. Some of us were guided through adolescence by other male figures in our lives–grandfathers, uncles, friends, teachers, etc. Some of us have had the role of both parents filled by women. Many of us have lost our father figures. It sometimes seems that fewer of us have been raised and nurtured by men who are everything we could ask for in a parent than those who have not.

A father figure is often the first example of what a man is (and there are so many different kinds of men in this world) for a child. It takes a tremendous amount of strength to guide another human being in navigating the complex and often fraught path to adulthood.

So I’d like to share this TED Talk by Colin Stokes, wherein he discusses the role of a father in raising children in relation to the kind of media aimed at them. He stresses not only the importance of raising girls to be strong, but also raising boys to respect and honor them, which is a crucial point we often forget.

To all of the wonderful men who have given of themselves in order to raise strong, independent, confident girls, and boys who respect them, we express our sincerest gratitude.

-Maddo needs to go call her father now.


One thought on “For Fathers and All Men Who Raise and Guide Children

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